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Cyprus Island

Where is Cyprus located is the first question that you have it in mind, when your travel agency want to sell you a great holiday package.

The island of Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is the third largest island in it, it should be considered more a part of Asia due both to its geographical location and its neighbors: to the north its neighbor is Turkey, to the east there’s Syria and Lebanon and to its south Egypt.

The island of Cyprus is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe, although it’s interesting to note that geographically speaking the island is much more a part of Asia, however politically speaking it is a part of the European Union, at least the Greek part is.

It is also located quite a long distance from Greece proper, but despite its location it is mostly populated by Greeks, and the part of the island that is Greek controlled is part of the European Union. The ownership of the island has been contended by the Turks for many decades, escalating to the point where the Turkish army invaded the northern part of the island and eventually partitioning off this part of the island as part of Turkey.

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Cyprus Island

So the island is divided into two separate regions, about 40% of it is part of Turkey and this is the northern part of the island, while the rest is part of Greece – it should be noted however that when people usually refer to Cyprus they are actually talking about the Greek part.

The island has seen a lot of history, in fact the oldest examples of human habitation date from the tenth millennium B.C. And it’s seen several conquests and re-conquests from the major players in the area across the centuries.

Its strategic location in the Mediterranean is also the reason behind the island’s wonderful weather, which is one of the reasons for its popularity as a holiday spot in modern times.

Most of the island’s climate is subtropical Mediterranean or semi-arid, however this doesn’t apply to its two mountain ranges, the Troodos Mountains which occupy a large part of the island and the smaller Kyrenia Range.

Holiday makers come to Cyprus for the weather but stay for the history.