Visiting Limassol Cyprus

The city of Limassol is the second-largest city in Cyprus and its main tourist resort, also called the ‘island of Aphrodite’. The city is a year-round great destination for a wide range of tourists, thanks to its more temperate Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and balmy winters. While it is located on the coast, the town spreads along several miles and it features the Troodos Mountains as a backdrop.


Limassol beaches

The city has many long and sandy beaches, with the Mediterranean Sea offering a wonderfully warm swimming medium for most of the year.

The main tourist beach is Dassoudi Beach, it features changing rooms, sun-loungers, showers and restrooms, as well as a plethora of shops and tavernas. It’s not the main tourist beach for nothing, the place offers a lot of water-sports activities

Pissouri beach is just outside the town, yet another very well-developed tourist beach that is opened year-round.

Governer’s beach is a bit farther away, it is located at eighteen miles from the town’s centre, however it is popular enough to require a bus service. The water here is shallow which makes it a great beach for families with young children, and the cliffs offer a great snorkeling area, not to mention the fact that there are also nature trails nearby.

Lady’s Mile Beach is undeveloped and quiet, mainly because during the winter it hosts thousands of flamingos.


Limassol Sights

The city has quite a few historic sites, all of which are also worthy of your time, such as the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, a ruined ancient temple built to honor the God of the Woodland.

There’s also Lemesos Castle which you can find in the Old Twon area, a 14th century fort that now houses the Cyprus Medieval Museum, a must-see for any Medieval Era enthusiasts, considering the history that the island has seen.

You also need to see Kourion, the site of an ancient city featuring both ancient Greek and Roman remains, including a stadium and a theater.

There are several more things to see and do in Limassol, so make sure to employ some of our Cyprus car hire services.