Troodos mountains sights 3

Continuing our trek through the various Troodos Mountains sights that you can look forward to seeing while on your trip to Cyprus, today we’ll start with an ancient Byzantine Church.

Panagia tou Araka Church

This is the Church of the Virgin Araka, located just a bit off the main road from Nicosia towards the villages of Laghoudera and Sarandi. Researchers think that the church was built towards the end of the 12th century, shortly before the Crusaders arrived on the island. The church and a small two-story monastery have survived.

Church of Our Lady of Asinou in Nikitari

The Panagia Phorbiotissa – Church of Asinou – has been under UNESCO protection since 1985. It’s a church founded in 1099 by Nicephorus Ishiriem, which we know thanks to the inscriptions on the temple murals. The place gradually diminished in importance till it eventually disappeared off the face of the map, literally.

Skiing near Mount Olympus

You may not think of Cyprus as a destination for skiing, but you’d be amazed to see the mountain resorts offered. You can easily get there with the help of our Cyprus car rental services, and consider that there won’t be large crowds populating the slopes. You can reach the highest point of Cyprus – Mount Olympus at 1952 meters and then ski down the mountain.

The village of Promodromos

Promodromos is the highest village on the island, situated at 1402 meters, famous in the country for its orchards; the village is also home to the church of St. Nicholas.

The Galata and Kakopetria villages

These villages are located in the northern foothills of the Troodos mountain range and are especially well known to the resident of Nicosia who visit the villages during the weekends. They offer a quick and natural respite from the noise and heat of the city. They also have everything you may think you need for a comfortable rest, small hotels, great restaurants and green shady lanes.

Galata is also home to the Church of St Sozomen, built in the 16th century, it’s a temple with a wooden roof, one of the few churches in Cyprus which remained entirely furnished. The walls are all painted with frescoes and the outer part of the northern wall is decorated as well.