Troodos mountains sights 2

Today we’ll be looking at the a couple more religious Troodos mountains sights that you can visit while trekking through the peaks.

Church of the Holy Cross in Platanistisa

Just like it is with many other such locations in the region, there is a legend related to the building of a church in this quiet and secluded location. According to the legend the refugees from Agiasmati founded a monastery here of the same name in memory of the land that they had to leave. They brought with them a manuscript from Asia Minor, containing some colorful illustrations representing St. Helena and talking about her quest for the True Cross. It is yet unknown what happened to this monastery.

Church of Archangel Michael in Pedoulas

This church was built in the village of Pedoulas at the head of the Marafas valley, which has the village of Mutullas in it. One particularity of this church are its frescoes which depict a wide range of scenes from both Testaments.

Church of Our Lady Mutullas

Since we mentioned this village in the earlier paragraph, you should know that this is a very old village that is surrounded by cherry orchards and also has a small church, another gem amongst the various churches in the region, protected by UNESCO and worth your time.

Church of the Transfiguration of Christ in Palehori

This place of worship is located on a high hill near the center of Palehori, and has been using this name since at least the end of the 13th century when it was in the property of the Hospitallers. It is unknown when the church was founded.

Monastery of St. Lampadistis in Kalopanaetis

This is an ancient monastery named after the Cypriot Saint John Lampadistis which can serve as something of a guide through the history of Christianity, because it’s made up of two temples and a Latin chapel, harmoniously combining elements from various centuries of architecture and art.

There are more such locations that we’ll talk about in a future entry in this series you can rest assured, till then keep our Cyprus car rental services in mind and enjoy your trip.