Taste the oldest named wine in the world

Ok we talked a few posts back about the history of winemaking in Cyprus  and today we’ll look into the same subject with a little bit more depth, by looking at the oldest named wine in the world.

Commandaria can be found at any Cypriot supermarket as well as being served at most traditional restaurants and tavernas after dinner as a digestive.

This golden liquid is matched very well with nuts, dried fruit, dates and mature cheeses – this includes aged halloumi – as well as some types of dark chocolate.

Commandaria wine is the oldes named wine still in production, amber-colored and very sweet, it brings with it a flavor that has equal parts raisins, caramel and dried fruits. The flavors stem from the very distinctive wine-making process involved which sees the sun-drying of the grapes before being pressed and fermented, thus the slightly smoky caramelized nuances of its flavor. This wine-making process is documented has been documented at about 800 BCE, hence why Commandaria has the unique claim of being the oldest named wine still in production.

The Commandaria is usually fortified in order to reach an alcohol content of up to 20%, even if usually the alcohol content already is around 15% after the fermentation and aging occurs. The practice of fortifying has been adopted for the commercial production of Commandaria even though it is not exactly a requirement, but for its commercial life to be the longest possible, the increased alcohol percentage stops the fermentation process and hence stabilizes the wine.

When you keep this in mind and combine it with the fact that Commandaria comes in bell-shaped bottles then you can understand why there has been and still is a bit of a misconception that Commandaria is a liqueur, but it’s not.

Each of the four major wine producers in Cyprus produce their own type of Commandaria, but theer are also local wine producers who make it as well, in about fourteen villages in the foothills of the Troodos mountains.

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