island of cyprus

Troodos Mountains sights

We don’t talk enough about the various Troodos Mountains sights that you can visit while on your trip to Cyprus. Continue reading

Where is Cyprus

Cyprus Island Location Map

Cyprus Island

Where is Cyprus located is the first question that you have it in mind, when your travel agency want to sell you a great holiday package.

The island of Cyprus is located in the… Continue reading

Larnaca car hire

Larnaca Aerial Photo

The island of Cyprus is divided into several districts, Larnaca being the name of both a district as well as one of the island’s most important cities. A trip to Larnaca will be greatly improved by… Continue reading

Cyprus Hotels

Cyprus Hotels

The island of Cyprus is visited by many millions of individuals from all across the globe, they come for a variety of reasons, for some it’s the great weather, for others the possibility of visiting the ruins and… Continue reading

About Cyprus

Cyprus Island

The island of Cyprus is one of the main Mediterranean islands, both in terms of its size as well as its vacation destination potential. Size-wise it’s the third largest and while its geographical location would have it in… Continue reading