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Troodos mountains sights 3

Continuing our trek through the various Troodos Mountains sights that you can look forward to seeing while on your trip to Cyprus, today we’ll start with an ancient Byzantine Church. Continue reading

Things to do in Cyprus 6

In our continuing series of article related to things to do in Cyprus, today you’ll be maybe a bit amazed to find out that cafes have only relatively recently started to pop up in more Continue reading

Cyprus festivals 3

In our venturing through the many Cyprus festivals, we’ll start today’s post by talking about something called ‘Musical Sundays’. Continue reading

Cyprus festivals 2

Today we’re continuing our look at a couple of the more important Cyprus festivals and we did mention that these can be both religious and not-so religious, so today we’ll start with a religious one.

The Orthodox Easter (March-April)

While… Continue reading

Cyprus Activities 3

In today’s article on Cyprus activities we’ll talk about rock climbing and skiing. Continue reading

Limassol tourist attractions

The Limassol tourist attractions that one is most likely to see, when looking for family-oriented attractions, are quite in tune with the sort of lively city that Limassol is Continue reading

Some Cyprus holiday nightlife locations

We’ve talked quite a bit about Cyprus holiday destinations, its culture and people, Continue reading

A few less known Cyprus travel destinations

Cyprus is a relatively large place, lots to be seen and lots to be done, so there are a lot of Cyprus travel destinations to choose from. Continue reading

Things to do in Cyprus 2

As part of our ‘to do in Cyprus’ series of articles, today we look beyond the parties and great beaches of Cyprus, and one cannot simply wave away the extraordinary history that the island has seen, and the resulting archaeological… Continue reading

Cyprus Hotels

Cyprus Hotels

The island of Cyprus is visited by many millions of individuals from all across the globe, they come for a variety of reasons, for some it’s the great weather, for others the possibility of visiting the ruins and… Continue reading

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