Paphos attractions 5

Today we’ll be starting the week of with the last post in our series about Paphos attractions, but this doesn’t mean that we won’t later look at least some of these places in more detail, what we’ve done here has been more of a list than anything else.

Tombs of the Kings

That title is something that most people would associate with Egypt not Cyprus, however the one in Egypt is called Valley of the Kings, and the one the we’re talking about, the one in Cyprus, has very little to do with actual kings.

It is however the resting place of about a hundred Ptolemaic aristocrats who died in Paphos between 3 BC and 3AD. The building can be found in the northwest of Paphos harbor, close to the Coral bay. The structure is made up of solid rock formations but features Doric-style pillars and walls decorated with frescoes. The ongoing archaeologic excavations at the site have discovered the Church of Paleoekklisia which features some Byzantine frescoes.

Kouklia – Temple of Aphrodite

This temple of Aphrodite was officially established by Aphrodite’s cult when they built a hilltop temple on the important pilgrimage site of Palea Paphos. Interesting about the site is that it was erected sometime around 1500 BC, but idols and coins related to the cult of Aphrodite have been found on the site dating back to 3800 BC, so this was an important spot for thousands of years. The temple was founded on a knoll about two kilometers inland around which soon the town of Palea Paphos began to form.

The first archaeologic excavation at the site was done in 1887 and ever since then subsequent digs have found new discoveries and information.


In this series of articles we took a quick look at some of the better- and lesser-known attractions that Paphos has to offer, so that you can get a better idea of what to expect while on your trip there. Keep in mind that you can use our Paphos airport transfers services to get from one point to another within the city as well as its surroundings, so that you can enjoy your trip to the maximum.