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Larnaca is the name of both a major city as well as a district in the Republic of Cyprus, the settlement of what is today Larnaca has been continuously inhabited for over four millenia.

The city of Larnaca is situated on the southern coast of the country and is the third-largest city by population in the country with a population of around 75,000.

The city and the region of Larnaca offer quite a few things to see and do but the place is also an important air hub because the city is home to a major international airport. This is where our Larnaca airport car hire services can start coming into play because you can start driving a car as soon as you’ve landed.

Larnaca is also home to the country’s second most important commercial port and it is well famous for its beautiful sea front.

Some of the main attractions of Larnaca revolve around its historic heritage, the site of Ancient Kition is located to the north west of present-day Larnaca and features buildings that date back to the 13th century B.C. The ancient city walls are also worth a visit and especially the Phoenician Temple of Astarte. It is interesting to note about this site that the Phoenician Temple was actually built on top of an earlier Bronze Age temple.

An even older site is the Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement, this site dates back to 7000 B.C. And it is one of the best-preserved prehistoric sites in the eastern Mediterranean. You can see the houses in which those ancient farmers lived, as well as their tombs and defensive walls.

For those interested in exploring the religious history of the island, Larnaca offers a lot of interesting sights and locations such as Saint Lazarus Church, the Djami Kebir Grand Mosque, the St. Phaneromeni Church or the Stavrovouni Monastery, all of which can be easily visited with the aid of our Larnaca airport car rental services.

There are also all sorts of activities that you can engage in from scuba diving to camel rides, not to mention all the great beaches.