Cyprus festivals 5

Today’s post will tentatively be the last post in our series about Cyprus festivals, we say ‘tentatively’ because this is likely the most comprehensive list of Cypriot festivals, but we’re not sure if it will always be so. Festivals sometimes don’t take place, while other new ones take the place of older ones and so on and so forth. So let’s get on with it.

The Paphos Aphrodite Festival

This is a very popular event taking place at the Medieval Castle in Paphos, each year, in August, an opera troupe performs.

Village Festivals

Also taking place during the month of August, this is when relatives and friends get together to dance, sing and drink. This is one of the events that will give you a great sample of true Cypriot traditional life. Festivities will take place in most villages and they include anything and everything, from folk music and dance, to exhibitions of flowers, art, photography, silverware, painting, all sorts of local craftsmanship in general. It’s a great chance to get immersed in the culture from several points of view to be sure.

Cyprus Film Festival

This is a nationwide festival that takes place during the month of September usually. It’s a great opportunity to see a wide array of films that would normally not reach the big screen as well as a great chance of meeting the film makers and offering them encouragement, accolades and most of all constructive criticism. It’s a great place for those interested of making independent movies or small budget flicks.

Zeytinlik Olive Festival

September is also the month of the Olive Festival which celebrates the harvesting of the famous Cyprus olives. The event take place in the village of Zeytinlik which is located at about a kilometer from Kyrenia and you can engage in a variety of cultural events during it.

Limassol Wine Festival

This festival takes place during the first week of September in the Municipal Garden of Limassol. This is a great opportunity to sample some of the best Cypriot wines for free, not to be missed.


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