Cyprus and the promise of spring

We are already tired of too much winter, so it’s time we planned some warmer getaways. To this end, today we invite you to talk about Cyprus and the promise of spring.

Cyprus is a little island state in the Mediterranean, but it is just so much more than another part of the old Greek world. It has forget its own identities throughout the centuries and has recently emerged as a great tourist destination and an attractive place for so many of us.cyprus

Cyprus is an interesting country and a warm one: once winter is over, Cyprus brings the promise of spring to us, as warmth is quicker to visit this beautiful realm.

Here are some facts that make Cyprus an interesting place to visit:

  1. Cyprus is an island of western culture in a sea of oriental influences. Syria, Lebanon, but also Israel are some of its neighbours and throughout the years, Cyprus has acted as a neuter political influence.
  2. So Cyprus is an island, but not just any island: it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean.
  3. One of the most beautiful seaside destinations in Cyprus is Larnaca. This wonderful resort has some of the most beautiful resorts and welcoming people to spare. And from here, you can also travel throughout the island. For instance, you can book a car with car rental Larnaca or get a tour from Larnaca airport transfers, this way making sure you have the transport aspect of your journey covered.
  4. For those who are into Greek mythology, Cyprus provides double the amount of fascination. It is said that the island used to be the playground of the gods and that the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, was born here.
  5. The shape of Cyprus resembles that of a cigar pipe!

We say there is so much more to this place, so why not take the opportunity to visit it?