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Limassol tourist attractions

The Limassol tourist attractions that one is most likely to see, when looking for family-oriented attractions, are quite in tune with the sort of lively city that Limassol is Continue reading

Cyprus traditional foods – the Cypriot village salad

The Cypriot village salad is closely related to the Greek salad called Horiatiki salad – which means village or peasant salad – a very common component of many Greek meals. Continue reading

Cyprus activities 2

Today we’re continuing our series of ‘Cyprus activities’ posts in which we talk about the myriad of activities that one can engage in while in Cyprus, Continue reading

Paphos attractions 1

today we’ll look at some of the many Paphos attractions that you can look forward to while on your trip there. Continue reading

Things to do in Cyprus 3

Today on our series of ‘things to do in Cyprus’ articles, we’ll talk about a bit about the more rugged part of the island, then go back to the city, then off to sea. Continue reading

Some Cyprus holiday nightlife locations

We’ve talked quite a bit about Cyprus holiday destinations, its culture and people, Continue reading

Cyprus festivals 1

There are many Cyprus festivals that take place throughout the calendar year, celebrating both religious events as well as not-so religious ones. Continue reading

Things to do in Cyprus 3

We’re continuing our series of ‘things to do in Cyprus’ articles with a look at the weather, the food and the geography of the place. Continue reading

Major Larnaca tourist attractions

Those planning to visit the city of Larnaca will do well to take a gander at our list of major Larnaca tourist attractions, since we’ll be talking about a couple of the most important ones. Continue reading

Cyprus winter destinations

Cyprus winter destinations are definitely to be considered when you’re planning to escape your cold mother land for a few weeks during winter Continue reading
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