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Cyprus Island

The island of Cyprus is one of the main Mediterranean islands, both in terms of its size as well as its vacation destination potential. Size-wise it’s the third largest and while its geographical location would have it in Asia, from a political point of view it’s a European country and actually a member of the European Union.

What many people who haven’t gone there don’t know however is that the island is divided into two countries, there’s the Greek Cyprus and the Turkish Cyprus, usually when people refer to Cyprus they will actually be talking about the Greek 60% of the island, not the northern Turkish part.

As mentioned earlier, geographically speaking Cyprus is an Asian island, with Turkey to its north, Syria and Lebanon to its east and Egypt to its south, this strategic placement has made it a very fought after piece of land throughout the millenia.

The earliest signs of human activity on the island date from the Neolithic period, ten thousand years B.C., there is a rather well-preserved Neolithic village at Khirokitia which has been declared, and rightfully so, a World Heritage Site.

Moving rapidly through history the island has been occupied by pretty much every major power to have ever shown an influence in the area including, the Hittites, Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Rashidun and Umayyad caliphates, the Lusignans, the Venetians and the Ottomans, not to mention the fact that in 1878 it was placed under British administration, so the place has seen a lot of history.

The historic aspect of the place is definitely one of the main things which attracts visitors but that would be much harder to do if it weren’t for the great weather that the island benefits from. The island of Cyprus benefits from a mix of subtropical Mediterranean climate and semi-arid, this basically means that the winters are incredibly mild on the coast and the summers range from warm to hot. This is true however only for the coast of the island, keep in mind that Cyprus features two mountain ranges as well and the weather there will obviously vary from that from the coast.