Troodos Mountains sights

We don’t talk enough about the various Troodos Mountains sights that you can visit while on your trip to Cyprus. We do talk about the many outdoors activities that you can engage in while in the Troodos mountain range but not enough about the places that you can actually visit; we’ll fix that right now.

The mountains are a great place to visit if you’re interested in seeing a lot of religious buildings, churches, monasteries and the like, some very old buildings which have withstood the test of time rather well.

Kykkos Mother of God Monastery

This monastery was founded in 1100 and devoted to the Holy Virgin and now it remains the biggest, most famous, and also richest monastery on the island. It’s a point of religious interest known throughout the Orthodox world and pilgrims from all over the world visit here at all times of the year. The reason for this importance is because the monastery has one of the three preserved icons of the Virgin, whose authorship is ascribed to Luke, the Apostle. Interesting to note that even though the monastery burned to the ground several times, the icon has always remained untouched.

The Church of the Holy Cross in Pelendri

This church also dates from the 12th century, a domed church with quite unique wall painting built in the village of Pelendri.

You’ll find may churches and monasteries dedicated to the Holy Cross in Cyprus, because of a story which has it that when Saint Helena, the mother of Byzantine Emperor Constantine the Great, was made to flee the coast of Cyprus by a storm, the Holy Cross that she was carrying with her soared over the highest mountain, and its radiance lit up the island of Cyprus. Whether or not that is true, is not known, it sounds farfetched, but the many churches and monasteries that you’ll find are not.

These have been only two examples of religious building in the mountain range, we’ll talk about the more in future articles, but keep in mind that you can visit these and more with the help of our Cyprus car rental services.