Things to do in Cyprus 6

In our continuing series of article related to things to do in Cyprus, today you’ll be maybe a bit amazed to find out that cafes have only relatively recently started to pop up in more numbers, as opposed to what is the norm in mainland Europe.

They are on the rise however, and besides offering caffeine they work as something of a cultural stimulant because in Cyprus coffeehouses and bars have the knack for exhibiting art, so as to keep things feeling fresh and fluid.

In Paphos, the Casa is one such places that combines coffee with culture. It is housed in a restored mansion and has a very mixed décor with an outdoor, granite-topped bar and transparent green seating. The exhibits that you’ll find here are mostly photographic work coming from local artists.

In Lemesos, or Limasol, the arty place to be for coffee is Dino Art Café. This venue also displays pieces from local artists which change on a monthly basis. The décor is a rather Spartan one so as to accentuate the presence of the art, be them painting, photos or sculptures, and even better, everything here is also for sale.

Then over in Nicosia, you’ll find Oinohoos which being on the border of the dead zone has teamed up with UN agencies in order to showcase exhibits that highlight human rights and refugee issues. But Scarabeo is the one place that pretty much sets the standards for this weird gallery/nightspot hybrid.

Going away a bit from the art and the coffee, one still has to realize one is on an island, which means that it’s a great place for having some wonderful fish and seafood dishes. You can find many places that offer the freshest of catches and use the best ingredients. You can also find tavernas which specialize on cooking fish, there’s just no contest.

The best way in which you can explore all of these various venues will be with the help of our Cyprus car rental services, because they are situated in different cities, but rest assured that the cities themselves will have quite a bit more to maintain your interest in them.