Things to do in Cyprus 5

There are so many things to do in Cyprus that we’re at your fifth entry in this series, and today we’ll talk a bit about scuba diving in Cyprus, and maybe touch on a few other things.

It is unfortunate to consider this, but your Cyprus visit won’t last for the entirety of your life, unless of course you’re permanently moving there, which is something that at least some Europeans are doing in their retirement years. So you may actually want to take a bit of Cyprus home with you, besides the photos and footage, you can look for some locally produced and hand-made souvenirs, either for you or as gifts for friends and family at home.

The Cyprus Handicraft Centre might be just what you’re looking for because it has locations in Nicosia, Larnaka, Limassol and Paphos. The organization is meant to preserve traditional craftsmanship and it proffers quality object of varying types.

Now with that little detour talked about, let’s dive into the subject at hand, respectively the warm and clear waters of the Cypriot coast.

The lack of strong tides and currents make the island not just a great place for all manner of diving and water activities, but it’s a great place to learn to scuba-dive or to snorkel.

There are plenty of scuba diving schools to be found in almost every coastal town, and you’ll get the best recommendations from the hotel that you’re staying at. You’ll find that pretty much any diving school will offer courses for beginners as well as some tips for more experienced divers as to where to dive and when. Cyprus has a plethora of underwater locations to dive, from sea caves and wonderful marine life to shipwrecks.

Quite possibly the most famous diving site in the country is the Zenobia wreck which you can find just off the coast of Larnaca.

And there’s also the Akrotiti Fish Reserve in Lemesos – Limasol – which features some wonderful diving opportunities.

We’re only scratching the surface here in regards to diving opportunities, but be sure that you’ll benefit from employing some of our Larnaca airport transfers.