Things to do in Cyprus 4

On our continuing ‘things to do in Cyprus’ series of posts today we’ll be talking about getting a spa treatment, eating in a very non-Cypriot kind of way and taking a hike.

Cyprus resorts, just like pretty much any other resorts around the world, offers you a bunch of spa treatment options, however here is where you can get yourself a very old-school massage at one of the Turkish baths on the island. You can find some very high end ones that offer a number of steam rooms, each at different temperatures and many other great features to make you feel reborn after you’re done.

We talked in an earlier article about tavernas and traditional Cypriot food, however the island isn’t all about those with a virtual culinary evolution taking place all across the place in recent years.

There are a lot of excellent restaurants to choose from in the gastronomic capital of the island, Limassol or Lemesos, with one restaurant bringing together elements of Greek and French cuisine, while Beige has been voted as being the best international restaurant in Cyprus for three years running. There are of course Japanese restaurants, and Cyprus is no stranger to the concept of molecular cooking either, so keep that in mind while researching places to go.

Considering that we are in the Mediterranean you should also expect to find quite a few places that focus on the cuisine particular to the region, however you will find places that only focus on particular parts of Mediterranean cuisine, while on the other hand u can find all sorts of Asian and fusion cuisine places where you can get Polynesian, Thai, Japanese and Chinese influenced dishes, wonderful stuff.

Those who love to hike and walk when they go on holiday will simply love Cyprus, because it offers dozens of great nature trails to choose from, of various challenge ratings, the mountain ranges and valleys offer great walking trails and there are plenty of places where one can picnic.

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