Things to do in Cyprus 3

We’re continuing our series of ‘things to do in Cyprus’ articles with a look at the weather, the food and the geography of the place.

Thanks to the island’s geographic location, respectively in a very sunny and warm part of the Mediterranean – even for Mediterranean standards – Cyprus is something of an ideal destination for those sun seekers who can only leave their regular lives behind towards the end of the summer months.

The most alluring beaches that the island has to offer are located on the south-east coast, around Agia Napa and Protaras, and actually the months leading to or following summer are some of the best to visit these areas, because not only are the crowds considerably thinned out but they will also be warm enough for a swim and a bit of a tan. Make sure you use the locals as guides and head on down to Konnos beach, a wonderful bay located at the foot of some spectacular cliffs.

Food is an important medium of introduction into any culture, and many people enjoy the idea of eating the particular and unique dishes to any spot they visit, and in Cyprus you’ll enjoy a wonderful gastronomy, based around meat, herbs and seafood. You should do your best to avoid the more tourist-focused tavernas and look for smaller scale eateries, where you’ll get a much more traditional experience, with a lot of creative takes on their traditional dishes.

Finding these almost hole-in-the-wall establishments will allow you to get a taste of little-seen dishes which stem from the traditions of Greek-era Constantinopole, things like yaortlou chicken and Pera kebab, and you’ll usually get to enjoy these dishes with a background soundtrack of live rembetika.

In the less traveled villages you can actually find some true treats for your taste buds, such as casserole of wild boar and tsikles – wild fowl, definitely not the type of thing that you might be getting on a tourist-trap tavern on the coast.

However Cypriot cuisine is much more than just tavernas, but we’ll talk about that in a future article about things to do in Cyprus, till then keep in mind that with the help of our Cyprus car hire services you can see as much of the island as you want, on your own schedule.