Things to do in Cyprus 3

Today on our series of ‘things to do in Cyprus’ articles, we’ll talk about a bit about the more rugged part of the island, then go back to the city, then off to sea.

Cyprus is known to most of its potential visitors as a warm island, filled with great beaches, food, partying and a plethora of historic sites and attractions, and while that is quite true, those who venture beyond the coast will find a very different experience altogether.

Those looking for a bit of adventure from their holiday should head to the Akamas peninsula in the west of Cyprus. This area shows off mile after mile of the island’s untamed wilderness and lush pine forests. There is very little development in this region and it rewards those who explore it in detail.

You can approach this region as you prefer, whether it’s by foot or bike, the rocky off-road tracks in this region will be a great exploration opportunity.

Much like in most of Europe, coffee is possibly the most popular beverage on the island, with both trendy cafes and old-school coffee shops lining many of the streets in pretty much every Cypriot city and village.

The traditional Cypriot coffee is made very much like its Mediterranean cousin – the espresso – in that it is short and strong. One other characteristic is that it is also drunk black and you will still find some villages in which they still cook it slowly in a tray of hot sand placed over a cooker in order to give the drink a fuller aroma.

The island country is also big on frappes, so during the summer you’ll undoubtedly get to sample this well-known variation of the drink.

Considering we’re talking about an island, we’ve almost never mentioned anything about the sea, well we’ll start to do so right now, mentioning that there are several places on the coast where you can hire a motorboat and go on a tour of the coast and various secret places. However, there is this one community near Akamas, Latsi, where you can hire a motorboat and set off solo to explore the picturesque peninsula, great place for snorkeling.

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