Things to do in Cyprus 2

As part of our ‘to do in Cyprus’ series of articles, today we look beyond the parties and great beaches of Cyprus, and one cannot simply wave away the extraordinary history that the island has seen, and the resulting archaeological sights that it has to offer today.

Even though there are many interesting sites across all of Cyprus, there are a few that not even the most devoted sun-seeker can resist, and Ancient Kourin is one of them. It’s a Greco-Roman amphitheatre located on a clifftop, built there during the second century BC. In recent years it has been renovated, in order to protect the absolutely spectacular floor mosaics.

The Pofos Mosaics were discovered in 1962 and have been acknowledged as some of the best examples of Roman floor mosaics ever found.

Then there’s the absolutely remarkable site of Ancient Salamis, where you can easily spend half a day exploring the city walls, the gymnasium, theater, the Roman baths and villa, as well as the Basillica of St. Ephiphanius and while you’re at it, the temple of Zeus Salaminios.

Those familiar with the history of the island will also want to see the Green Line, or the area which separates Greek Cyprus from Turkish Cyprus. And this has only become something of a tourist destination only recently with relations between the two parts reaching a much more constructive phase. Even if you’re not planning on staying in Nicosia, you can still make a day trip out of it, exploring the streets of the old town with its labyrinthine and ancient walls, and then go to the Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory to get a panoramic view across both sides of the last divided European capital.

All of the aforementioned locations are located in different places around the island, and the best way to see all of them is with the help of our Cyprus car hire services.