Cyprus traditional foods – the Cypriot village salad

The Cypriot village salad is closely related to the Greek salad called Horiatiki salad – which means village or peasant salad – a very common component of many Greek meals.

The Cypriot variation of the salad features more ingredients such as fresh coriander, which is not available in Greece, lettuce and rocket, in addition to the usual ingredients.

The Greek salad used to be typical of the summer season in Greece, because that’s when tomatoes would be in season, but nowadays and especially in Cyprus, tomatoes are available year-round and the salad can always take its place on the dining table.

This salad can accompany pretty much any meal but on the other hand, it can also be a very tasty and light meal in its own, a very healthy meal as well.

The village salad is a focal point of the Mediterranean Diet because it has a bunch of different vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers, onion, tomatoes obviously, healthy fat from the olives and olive oil and protein from the feta cheese. All of these ingredients together, not only make for a tasty meal but also a very healthy one, filled with a lot of vitamins as well as other necessary nutrients.

Proper virgin and ideally, extra virgin olive oil, has been shown to lower cholesterol and to also have other antioxidant properties that shield against heart attacks. And as far as antioxidants go, tomatoes are chock full of them as well as lycopene and the onion is a good source of flavinoids.

Those who are interested in keeping an eye on their calories, they should already realize that the more olive oil you’ll use, the more calorie-rich the salad will become, the rest of the vegetables don’t spike the calorie counter nearly as much as a single spoon of olive oil does. Those on a diet will probably want to limit the amount of oil they use, and use a small piece of feta, they should also be careful to not use too much bread in mopping up those tasty juices because that can bring the total calorie count up quite fast.

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