Some Cyprus holiday nightlife locations

We’ve talked quite a bit about Cyprus holiday destinations, its culture and people, and various attractions on this blog, and we’ll continue to do so, however today we’re taking a break from that to talk a bit about some of the best places in Cyprus for nightlife.

Cyprus is known for great weather, food and a lot of history-related attractions, true, but it’s not all museums and tavernas, Cyprus is as modern as other European countries is, and that stays true for nightclubs and other entertainment options. So whether or not you’re actually looking for a clubbing holiday, you may still want to have an idea of some different party spots that you could go to during your vacation.

Night clubs in Cyprus tend to get really started at around 11 at night and then last till the early hours of the morning, with Larnaca being one of the locations famous for some of the best nightlife and clubs in the country. Cyprus is very well-known by many of Europe’s best DJs, and if you love those types of beats and sounds then you’ll simply love Cyprus. Despite the fact that it is very popular with the younger generation, rest assured that you can also find some clubs that feature music from other decades as well.

The Bailey Club in Kyrenia offers a very European experience when it comes to its music and drinks so keep that one in mind, while in Leon you’ll find traditional Cypriot lager being served. However of course there are more options available to anyone in Larnaca, from seaside parties to live music, it all depends on what you’re into, and when you’re visiting, so do some research before you get there to see the partying offers of any one region of the island.

There are of course many other options on the island, we only talked about one city and not even about that one in very much detail, rest assured that with the help of our Cyprus car rental services you can not only visit any part of the island that you choose, but you can also experience the varied party life in each.