Religious sites in Cyprus

The term of religious site in Cyprus can be a very subjective and interpretable one, because one could arguably visit some of the wonderful Byzantine churches that the island has to offer, or could visit some ancient religious sites and catacombs, either way, let’s talk about a couple of them.

Saint Nicholas of the Cats, Limassol

This is a very little known and peaceful convent in Limassol which seems to be occupied by cats instead of the more traditional human nuns. Legend says that the cats are actually descendants of the cats that were imported to the area in the 4th century AD by Saint Helena, in her try to reduce the snake population in the region. The little peninsula located past the Akrotiri military base is still called Cape Gata, or She-Cat.

Saint Nicholas’ Cathedral, Famagusta

This 14th century Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas – which has been turned into a mosque called Lala Mustafa Camii, is the most important monument in Famagusta.

The initial building was inspired by the one in Reims, France, especially by its twin towers, however only the lower parts of the towers still survive while the northern tower has been topped with a slender minaret, and according to custom in the Eastern Mediterranean the roof is flat.

The faced on the other hand is made up of honey-colored stone, which creates a nice effect and makes for an impressive sight when you emerge from the narrow streets of the town.

The plaza in front of the building has now been pedestrianized and there are two outdoor cafes which offer some great vantage points from which you can view the façade and enjoy some coffee or tea.

Temple of Ancient Kition, Larnaca

The excavations of ancient Kition have been ongoing since the 1920s, being the oldest city remains buried under modern Larnaca.

Several very interesting and ancient sacred sites were found here, with the main visible structure being that of a large shrine dedicated to the fertility goddess Astarte by the Phoenicians.


Obviously there are many more things to see in these locations, and there are many more religious sites like these and unlike these spread around the island, so make sure you employ our Cyprus rent a car services and see as many of them as possible.