Partying in Cyprus

Partying in Cyprus in Ayia Napa

Partying in Cyprus in Ayia Napa

Partying in Cyprus may not have the reputation that a different Mediterranean island does, but that doesn’t mean that the Cypriots can’t shake a tail feather, far from it.

There was a time when Agia Napa was something of a clubbing destination for both islanders and tourists, however as it is with most other trending things, they have a heyday and then they don’t. nowadays however, there’s a new breed of going-out options starting build up an audience, and Lemnos in particular is making something of a reputation for itself with a slew of sophisticated beach bars, most of which have replaced by the numbers and run-down pubs, along the main drag of Germasogeia.

There’s the brand new Cote D’Azur which combines floaty white sails and comfy couches to create a very refreshing alfresco clubbing experience on a wooden deck. Another new popular nightspot is Breeze, with a street level café/restaurant that provides a high-up view of the dancefloor.

The daytime partying in Cyprus isn’t neglected either, there’s the Greek coffee chain Flo Café which features seaside views with a very wide selection of caffeine-focused drinks, as well as tasty food, and further down the coast you’ll find Drops, on the Agios Tychonas beach, a more laid-back option which goes about serving cocktails and iced coffees to its clientele.

These are indeed gaining in popularity, however the most popular one is Guaba, where you can find the hippest of crowds, dancing on the beach to the most popular of international DJs, so kicking it barefoot is all the rage in Cyprus.

Obviously these are the most popular of partying options and depending on what kind of entertainment you’re looking for you can either seek these types of spot out, or look for others, rest assured that the island has a plethora of other entertainment options, and you can seek out whichever you wish with the help of some Cyprus car hire services.