Paphos attractions 2

In today’s article we’ll talk about some more Paphos attractions that you should be aware of while on your trip there.

The Agia Solomoni Church / Catacombs of Agia Solomoni

Situated at barely a kilometer away from the Kato Paphos Port, you’ll find the Agia Solomoni church, originally a Christian catacomb that is home to some 12th century frescoes. The entrance to the underground catacombs stands a large pistachio tree, as something of a guardian, it is considered to be sacred. Legend has it that if you tie a piece of cloth to one of its branches with honest intentions, then you will be cured of your ailments. The initial catacombs were carved in the Fabrica Hill, which later became a Christian church. Nowadays the chapel has some very interesting decorations in the form of frescoes and grafittis left by the Crusaders.

Agios Geroghios Basilica and the fountains of Pegeia

This site can be found at about four kilometers from the fishing village of Pegia, and it features two ruins of early Christianity in Paphos. The Agios Geroghios Basilica features some nice mosaic floors portraying animal pictures, and there are also rock-hewn tombs which date back to the Roman period. The fountains are located in the Pegia village square.

Baths of Aphrodite

These are located in the Akamas peninsula, close to the fishing village of Latchi. This is the famous mythological site where Aphrodite used to take her baths in the pools of the natural cave. The cave is surrounded by a fig tree and beautiful natural wildlife. There are many stories and legends surrounding these pools and one of them says that by bathing in them you can have your fertility restored. Today however, dipping in the pools is not allowed.

These are just three of many more attractions that you can and will find while on your trip to Paphos. One of the best methods of visiting them as well as others is with the help of our Paphos airport transfers, which can take you from where your accommodation is to many other locations in the region.