Paphos attractions 1

The Cypriot city of Paphos is a well-known tourist attraction, and we’ve mentioned it in passing here and there on this blog, but today we’ll look at some of the many Paphos attractions that you can look forward to while on your trip there.

The Paphos Acropolis

The Paphos Acropolis is made up of several ruins and buildings, you can find it near the new Paphos Lighthouse and it is quite a striking area to visit.

The Odeon is completely made out of limestone, and has been standing since the second century, not only that but it is still in use today, with musical and live performances using it. It has a characteristic semi-circular shape and twelve rows of seats, it is shaped this way in order to offer ideal acoustics to the performers on stage. To the south of the Odeon you’ll find the remains of the Roman temple of Asclepius the God of Medicine, and to the north you’ll see the remains of the ancient town walls.


Adonis Bath

The myth and legend behind this place relates to the love story between Aphrodite and Adonis. The Myth has it that the both Aphrodite and Persephone were in love with Adonis and in order to quell the fighting between the two goddesses, the higher gods decided for Adonis to spend one third of his time with each of the ladies in turn, and the remaining third would be for himself. However when Adonis used his third of the time in the company of Aphrodite, Persephone had him killed by a wild boar, and on her way to Adonis, Aphrodite bled from her feet, the blood causing lilies to grow on her trail.


Ayios Neophytos Monastery

The most accurate records show that this monastery was founded in 1159 by the Cypriot writer Neophytos, who carved his home out of the mountain rock. Nowadays only a few monks inhabit the monastery which today features a museum and some wonderful Byzantine frescoes. During January the monastery holds a two-day religious fair where you can find traditional arts, crafts and monastic goods for sale.

These are only some of the wonderful Paphos attractions that you can see with the help of our Paphos airport transfers services.