Paphos airport transfers

Visitors to the Cypriot town of Paphos can benefit tremendously from our Paphos airport transfers services because everybody will need to arrange some sort of transportation from the airport to their destination.

The town’s claim to fame comes from long ago in Greek mythology because it is said that this was the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite.

Placing the mythical aside for a bit, modern-day Paphos is located between the coast and the Troodos Mountains and is divided in tow, an upper section and a lower one.

The upper part of Paphos is literally up a hill and is made up of the commercial center, while the lower part of Paphos is where you’ll find the archaeological points of interest alongside most accommodations and eating establishments.

While the airport itself is rather small and most of its flights are charter flights, our Paphos transfers services can and will prove to be of great use from the very moment you land here.

Whether you’re interested in visiting the intriguing ancient ruins that Paphos has to offer, or to visit some nearby locations, our Paphos transfers services can help with that as well because you can arrange them to pick you up not only from the airport, but any of the locations that we have available on our website, and take you to a chosen destination, and then back again.

As for the things that you can see while in Paphos, you should not miss visiting the Paphos Archaelogical park which includes the House of Dionysos and the House of Theseus which are some very interesting ruins of large Roman villas which are a must-see for their wonderful mosaics.

Another sight is The Tombs of the Kings, and despite its Egyptian sounding name this is not an actual burial place for royalty, it is however the last resting place for a plethora of ancient high officials and rich citizens.

Despite the town’s size rest assured that there are many more other things to see and do while in Paphos, and also consider that with the aid of our Paphos airport transfers services you can see and do as many of these as possible.