Major Larnaca tourist attractions

Those planning to visit the city of Larnaca will do well to take a gander at our list of major Larnaca tourist attractions, since we’ll be talking about a couple of the most important ones.

Larnaca is quite a small town, small and quiet, however it is one major tourist attraction thanks to it being built on the ruins of the ancient Mycenaen town of Kition.

Saint Lazarus Church

Saint Lazarus Church Larnaca

Saint Lazarus Church Larnaca

This one is probably the first major site in town that you’ll not only have to see, but it will be hard to miss, since it’s located in the ‘old town’ area of the city. The church houses relics of its namesake Saint, who is also the patron saint of Larnaca. Legend has it that he continued to live here for thirty more years after Christ resurrected him, and he was ordained as Bishop of Kition by Saints Barnabas and Mark.

The church is very old, having been built in the ninth century by Emperor Leo VI and then later restored, very faithfully, in the 17th century, with the iconostasi being a great example of Baroque woodcarving. Its very distinctive belfry is painted white and somehow survived the Turkish ban on these types of structures.

Larnaca Fort – Larnaca Medieval Museum

The Medieval Museum of Larnaca is located in the Larnaca Fort, built in 1625 by the Turks in order to defend the city. However for most of its history was used as a prison, especially after the British took control of the island. Getting up on the walls will give you a great view of the sea because the fort is located on the seashore and visitors can walk around the sea wall.

As far as the museum goes, the exhibits stem from ancient Kition, absolutely a must-visit site.

The Grand Mosque

Next to the Larnaca Fort is the mosque of Djami Kebir, built in 16th century, it is known as the grand mosque of Larnaca and is still in use by local Muslims.

There are obviously many more things to see and do in Larnaca, and you can use our Larnaca transfers to get from one place to another or our Larnaca car rental services.