Limassol tourist attractions

The Limassol tourist attractions that one is most likely to see, when looking for family-oriented attractions, are quite in tune with the sort of lively city that Limassol is. The great thing is that most of its attractions are quite easily year-round attractions, so regardless of the season that you’ll be visiting in, you’ll surely have things to see and do.

There are great options for those who have children, such as the Time Elevator shows, the Municipal Gardens – which you can find the Lemesos Zoo Garden and the Dinosaur Park. And of course water parks are big with both children and their parents, and they are quite the rage in Cyprus, and you’ll find quite a few to choose from while in Limassol.

The Time Elevator is a very touristy attraction, and very well advertised, so it’s very little chance to go there and now know where to find it. The ‘Elevator’ is a multimedia audio-visual experience, featuring moving seats, wind machines and some water thrown in to enhance the experience. While a little cheesy this is a great way of immersing yourself, quite quickly into the history of Cyprus and maybe learn a little bit about the place you’re visiting.

As we mentioned earlier, water parks are big in Cyprus, and the Wet ‘n’ Wild water park is one of the best of its kind, featuring fast slides, body flumes, inner-tube rides and everything else that you might think you need from a water park, including of course, a pool for young children.

It’s interesting to note the popularity of such attraction in a place with a stunningly beautiful coast, but it is great for families who want to keep a closer eye on their children and be in more control of what happens.

Apropos of the coast, Cyprus is a great place for scuba diving, and enthusiasts will love to check out both the natural beauty of the ocean as well as trek to some awesome wreck sites.

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