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Larnaca aerial view

Larnaca Aerial Photo

The island of Cyprus is divided into several districts, Larnaca being the name of both a district as well as one of the island’s most important cities.
A trip to Larnaca will be greatly improved by employing our Larnaca car hire services as you will surely want the freedom to explore this location and its surroundings on your own time.

About Larnaca

Larnaca is considered to be the oldest city on the island with evidence of habitation going back six millenia and evidence of this long history can be seen in the city’s old center. Just like most other coastal towns in Cyprus, Larnaca is divided into an old, historic part and the modern tourist-centric part which features hotels, restaurants and all the other attractions of nearby beaches.

The city itself is rather small and built alongside the coast, one could possibly walk around most of it, and actually the seaside Larnaca Promenade is a great idea for a nice stroll in the evening but you’ll still benefit from some Larnaca car rental services if you employ some.

Places to visit in Larnaca

Those visitors to Larnaca who are interested in exploring the place’s history have quite a few interesting places to visit such as the Church of St. Lazarus which is an Orthodox church dating to the 9th century – it is said that the church is built around the tomb of the biblical Lazarus, the brother of Mary.

Another religious location is the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque which is set on the side of the Larnaca Salt Lake, it is said that the mosque is host to the tomb of Umm Haram, Mohammed’s foster mother. The Salt Lake itself is an interesting attraction as well, depending on when you visit Larnaca, you can see flocks of pink flamingos which migrate here for the winter.

There are also many water-sport related activities in Larnaca that the intrepid scuba diver can get involved with, for instance you can dive to the wreck of the Zenobia, a ferry that sunk on its maiden voyage in 1980. Of course this is just one example of what you can do in Larnaca, there are many more options and possibilities.