Larnaca airport transfers

Larnaca aerial view

Larnaca Aerial Photo

Those who are planning a trip to the Cypriot city of Larnaca may well want to employ our Larnaca airport transfers once they’re there. Larnaca is an incredibly popular tourist destination, Cyprus as a whole actually is, but Larnaca especially as it is considered by many to be about six thousand years old, and the country’s oldest city.

Our Larnaca transfers services will not only take you from the airport to wherever your accommodation may be, but they can also take you to various locations and back, thus offering you an easy and convenient way of exploring the surroundings in more detail than you’d otherwise be able to.

Larnaca sees a very wide variety of visitors, in the sense that people with a wide variety of interests come here, ranging from those interested in the place’s history, to those who want to enjoy its many water-related activities, to those simply here to take in the sun, sea and sand.

When mentioning water-related activities, scuba diving enthusiasts should know that Larnaca is one of the most interesting locations you can go to, thanks to the wreck of the Zenobia being here. This was a ferry that sunk in 1980 on its maiden voyage; the ship now can be found forty-two meters under the sea.

As we mentioned earlier the Larnaca city is quite popular with travelers from all across the globe for a variety of reasons, however this does mean that eating out in the city can prove to be rather expensive. However rest assured that there are plenty of budget options available to those visiting the place on something more of a shoestring budget.

Those who want to take in the local culture a bit better, can make use of our Larnaca airport transfers services to take them all around the city itself to visit various smaller settlements and ancient ruins, it’s a great option for those who don’t think will need to rent a car during their trip.

There are of course many other things to see and do while in Larnaca, rest assured that with the help of our Larnaca airport transfers services you will be able to see and do as many of them as you can fit in your schedule.