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Visiting Limassol Cyprus

The city of Limassol is the second-largest city in Cyprus and its main tourist resort, Continue reading

Basics about Cypriot culture and people 4

In our ongoing series about Cypriot culture and people, today we'll be taking a quick look at the role of women in Cypriot society. Continue reading

A few major Cyprus attractions

When it comes to Cyprus attractions, rest assured that you can find something for everyone, but there are several main attractions that tend to attract tourists year after year Continue reading

Best Cyprus beaches

A list of the best Cyprus beaches has to be something that many visitors to the Mediterranean island are looking for, Continue reading

A few less known Cyprus travel destinations

Cyprus is a relatively large place, lots to be seen and lots to be done, so there are a lot of Cyprus travel destinations to choose from. Continue reading

Cypriot food culture

Food culture is a crucial element to pretty much any and all social occasion in Cypriot culture, with a conversation rarely taking place without the lubricating effects Continue reading

Cyprus tourism is the country’s economic ‘heavy artillery’

Cyprus tourism is viewed as being the country’s economy ‘heavy artillery’, at least that’s the view of Cyprus’s Tourism Organization President, Alekos Orountiotis. Continue reading

Cyprus gastronomy basics

Today we’re going to talk about Cyprus gastronomy basics and how traditional Cypriot food is a wonderfully eclectic and unique combination of Turkish and Greek cuisine mainly, but you can also find many restaurants focused on Chinese, French, Indian and… Continue reading

Things to do in Cyprus 2

As part of our ‘to do in Cyprus’ series of articles, today we look beyond the parties and great beaches of Cyprus, and one cannot simply wave away the extraordinary history that the island has seen, and the resulting archaeological… Continue reading

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