Cyprus winter destinations

Cyprus winter destinations are definitely to be considered when you’re planning to escape your cold mother land for a few weeks during winter. It’s always sunny somewhere and that’s especially true when it comes to Mediterranean islands, Cyprus being one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region.

But while most people tend to visit it during the summer months, during the high season, there are some who prefer to save up their vacation days for the winter season and soak up some sun instead of soaking up cold water in one form or another.

As far as the weather is concerned, Cyprus in the winter months isn’t as different from Cyprus during the summer ones, there are some differences of course in terms of somewhat lower temperatures but the differences also exist when it comes to prices.

The fact that you won’t be visiting during the summer high season means that the trip will be that much easier on your budget, while not many limitations existing to hinder your appreciation of the place.

You could arguably even get some sun on a beach on a good day, but you’ll also get to take in the Cypriot culture and people that much better, because you have to keep in mind that this relatively small island has seen more history than most of the globe, so there are a plethora of historic and cultural destination that will make the trip worthwhile.

Those who are looking for scenic views and more relaxing pursuits should head for Ayia Napa, a place where you can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as very pleasant walks around the town. Paphos is also another destination to consider for these same reasons.

Winter in Paphos is not especially cold either, even though the city is somewhat cooler that the rest of the cities during the summer.

But whether you’re planning a trip to Paphos or Ayia Napa during this winter, or any other Cypriot destination, make sure to employ our Cyprus car rental services in order to explore the entire landscape in more detail, you won’t regret it.