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Cyprus Hotels

The island of Cyprus is visited by many millions of individuals from all across the globe, they come for a variety of reasons, for some it’s the great weather, for others the possibility of visiting the ruins and remnants of many ancient civilizations, for others is just for the sea and the sand.

Cyprus has quite a few things to offer, while most people are familiar with its great beaches and beach resorts, a large part of the island’s surface area is taken up by mountains, so as far as outdoors activities go, Cyprus is great for the more adventurous visitor as well.

Whether you’re planning on visiting Cyprus for the weather or for the history, you’ll surely need some accommodations while on your trip there, and thankfully there are a slew of great Cyprus hotels appropriate for all needs and budgets; let’s take a quick view of what you can expect from which regions of the island.

The island is divided into six main administrative regions and each of them tends to have its own characteristics, even in regards to the type of accommodations they offer travelers.

Accommodations in Larnaka for instance vary depending which area of Larnaka you’re planning to stay in, there are three major areas: Larnaka Town, Larnaka bay and Mackenzie.

The hotels in and near Mackenzie are great for those on a tight budget, these are also very close to the Airport however the nearby beach is great and the area features many restaurants as well.

Most the hotels in Larnaka however will be spread along Larnaka Bay, this is also the main tourist area so you can expect the prices as well as the experience here to be of much higher scope.

The region in and around the district of Limassol is know for its long and wonderful coastline, being centrally located however it is one of the best places to stay in if you wish to explore more of the island. It’s interesting to note however, that despite its great placement the beaches here are rarely crowded and even more-so the Cyprus hotels available here can cater to everyone’s needs.

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