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Ford Focus CC

Cyprus counts itself amongst the most popular travel destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia and it boasts thousands of years of history as well as wonderful weather and a plethora of attractions.
One of the best ways of visiting and exploring the island is with the help of Cyprus car hire services.

People visit the island for many reasons, whether it’s the sea and the sand or the rich history and cultural attractions that the island features, Cyprus caters to a wide array of holiday makers from across the globe, but it is especially popular with Europeans due to its proximity to the continent.

On the whole, the climate is characterized by hot and dry summers and relatively wet and mild winters, the actual summer season starts in mid-May and lasts till mid-September and the average sea temperatures during that time period hover around 22 Centigrade, these would be enough reasons to convince most sun-seekers to visit, but the island offers so much more.

For those visitors who are interested in the rich culture of the island, they can visit Roman villas, Byzantine-style buildings, or you can visit one of the best preserved prehistoric sites in the region, Choirokoitia, which offers a great window into what life was like when civilization was yet to properly form.

Obviously there are many more cultural attractions spread about the island and if your heart is set on seeing as many of them as possible, or certain ones, then Cyprus car rental services will surely benefit your goal, since having a car at your disposal will not only allow you to reach said places in a quick manner but will also allow you to do so on your own schedule.

Once you have access to a vehicle, the entire island opens up to you and you can go on culturally themed routes around Cyprus in order to take in as much of it as possible, whether you follow in the footsteps of Aphrodite, go on a wine-tasting tour or visit the island’s famous Byzantine churches, all can be done with the help of Cyprus car hire services.