Cyprus activities 2

Today we’re continuing our series of ‘Cyprus activities’ posts in which we talk about the myriad of activities that one can engage in while in Cyprus, that have nothing to do with just lying on the beach and whatnot.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Those who love to explore the fascinating space that exists below the waves simply won’t be capable of resisting the waters off of Cyprus.

The water is clear and there are wonderful coves and small diving spots simply inviting one to explore them. There are plenty of diving schools dotting the entire coast, and for good reason, in fact you can actually explore an underwater amphitheatre.

Those who prefer wreck diving to seeing fish and corals should not find it very difficult to find one since there are wrecks located all across the coast, however you simply must dive the most famous of them all, the Zenobia, basically an intact cargo ferry that sits on the bottom of the bay.

Those who are beginners in the field of wreck diving can go to Limassol where there’s a very good wreck in the harbor, while those who are more experienced will want to explore the ancient remains of a British man-o-war.

Those who like to dive corals instead of wrecks, will find good spots all along the coast, with the smallest of coves capable of leaving one amazed with what they’ll see and find.

But you don’t necessarily need a tank on your back in order to appreciate the underwater wonders of Cyprus, a mask and a snorkel will offer countless hours of entertainment because the Cypriot coastline forms lots of rock pools, the safest of which are usually frequented by the locals, and as such are always worth a look.

The Akamas peninsula is a one of the preferred spots by swimmers because it has a plethora of tropical fish to gawk at, while the sea caves near Aya Napa are also popular spots, just as Makronisos beach and the reefs at Green bay and St. George’s Island.


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