Cypriot food culture

Food culture is a crucial element to pretty much any and all social occasion in Cypriot culture, with a conversation rarely taking place without the lubricating effects of some sort of beverage being offered; either coffee, beer or brandy, usually accompanied by some form of small snack.

Traditional coffee is boiled in a little pot and sugar is added only upon request and poured into a cup together with the steeped coffee grounds. Those who love their coffee sweet should ask for “glyko”, those who just want some sugar will want a “metrio”, while those who prefer it without any sugar will want a “sketo”.

One of the traditional dishes in Cyprus is meze, which means mixture, and they refer to many small dishes which feature a taste of everything that will be available on a particular day in a respective tavern or restaurant. The idea of meze is great because it will offer a visitor a great opportunity of experiencing a great array of Cypriot cuisine on a daily basis.

Even if meze vary constantly, there are some staples that simply have to be included, namely halloumi cheese – which is produced by thyme-fed goats and it’s a delicacy that can only be found on Cyprus. As another general note on Cypriot dishes is that while they are well seasoned, they’re not exactly spicy, but they are very aromatic so visitors can be assured that stomach upsets won’t be an issue, most likely.

Depending on your type of approach to your Cypriot holiday, if you’re taking a more basic view of the holiday, then you’ll be eating out a lot, and thankfully Cyprus features restaurants and tavernas that will suit all palates and budgets. The prices will depend – as they do in other places – on the location of the establishment and the range and type of food it serves.

One great thing about eating out is that usually waiters will speak English, so that will make your culinary experience in Cyprus that much better and easier to enjoy.

And if you’re not looking to stick exclusively to local food, you’ll find many other international restaurants ready to cater to your wishes, and of course you can always use some Cyprus car hire services and visit different places and test out the food offerings there.