Cyprus activities 1

We don’t talk nearly enough about the various Cyprus activities that you can engage in while on a trip to the island, but we’re going to change that with today’s article.

Walking and hiking

Once you reach the Troodos Mountains, you’ll find a completely different world than that of the sandy coast. The region features a plethora of great tracks and trails just waiting to be negotiated by the outdoorsy type of holidaymaker. The area benefits from some very heavily-forested regions which makes these nature walks more interesting than simple great exercise in the outside air. The forests are absolutely great for those looking to explore the region and find sleepy mountain villages, very welcoming to visitors, or on the other hand those who like to hike can always take their trip to the vertical and scale the mountains.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing

Those who love to windsurf or kitesurf will find that they are very well provided for because the long coast offers some of the best beaches for these types of activities, especially around Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca.

The south-west coast is the one most battered by strong winds which makes for great wind-sports to be had in Potima and Helios Bay, these beaches are enjoyed both by kite and windsurfers as well as by your average non-wind surfer.

Mountain biking

Since there are some great walking and hiking trails, it only makes sense for the place to offer some activities for those who like to tackle the geography on two wheels, under their own power. Even though the island has only two main mountain ranges, there’s always great mountainbiking to be had across the foothills and up the big hills.

There are trails that can be enjoyed both by those who just want a more leisurely ride as well as by those who are more adventurous. Also there are dedicated downhill routes to be found near Akamas and Kokkali.

There are other activities that you can engage in while on your Cyprus trip, and we’ll talk about them in future articles, however you can enjoy as many of them as possible with the help of our Cyprus car rental services.