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The basics of the Cyprus bank problems

We talked yesterday about what could be done in order to mitigate the inevitable – and rather deep - recession or depression that Cyprus is going to go through in the near future however, today we thought about offering a bit more context for those who are yet to grasp the basics of why this is happening in the island nation. Continue reading

How Cyprus can grow in the near future

As many, most or all of you might be aware of by now, Cyprus has been going through a bit of an economic pickle as of late, with a lot of doom and gloom being forecast for it and its people, however there are things that can and should be done in order to mitigate the repercussions of what is to happen - nobody is happy with the solutions Continue reading

Troodos mountains sights 3

Continuing our trek through the various Troodos Mountains sights that you can look forward to seeing while on your trip to Cyprus, today we’ll start with an ancient Byzantine Church. Continue reading

Halloumi – The traditional cheese of Cyprus

One thing that you will surely have to do while in Cyprus is to taste halloumi, the traditional cheese of Cyprus Continue reading

Cyprus festivals 5

Today’s post will tentatively be the last post in our series about Cyprus festivals Continue reading

Paphos attractions 5

Today we’ll be starting the week of with the last post in our series about Paphos attractions, but this doesn’t mean that we won’t later look at least some of these places in more detail, what we’ve done here has… Continue reading

Cyprus festivals 4

In today’s post about Cyprus festivals we’ll look into some of the least religious-centric festivals that you can engage in while on your holiday there. Continue reading

Troodos mountains sights 2

Today we’ll be looking at the a couple more religious Troodos mountains sights that you can visit while trekking through the peaks. Continue reading

Paphos attractions 4

Today we’ll continue our look at the many Paphos attractions that one can expect to visit while on a trip to Cyprus and we’ll start with the something aimed at the little ones but that anyone can enjoy. Continue reading

Ayia Napa tourist attractions

One major tourist destination in Cyprus is Ayia Napa, so today we’ll be talking a bit of time to talk about some of the Ayia Napa tourist attractions that you can find there. Continue reading
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