Best Cyprus beaches

A list of the best Cyprus beaches has to be something that many visitors to the Mediterranean island are looking for, but it has to be mentioned from the get-go that any such list will usually be loaded with a lot of subjective points of view, because some people will enjoy calm beaches, some will love the loud ones while others are looking for windy ones in order to engage in their favorite sea activities.

So here’s a general break-down of what the Cypriot coast has to offer: on the East Coast you’ll find mostly sandy beaches where a lot of water sports and activities can take place, the beaches and locations here are also the most well developed as well; the beaches in the West and North of the island tend to have more shingle on them, so they are more rugged, this makes them usually quieter, but the water is clear and calm as well.

Pissouri Bay Beach

The bay can be found between Limassol and Paphos, on the South coast of the island, a two kilometer long stretch of sand and shingle featuring a variety of water sport options. What sets this beach aside from most other beaches in the region is the lack of major development, as such it exudes a very laid-back traditional Cypriort atmosphere.

Nissi Beach

Found in the Ayia Napa general area, this is an attractive beach with white sand and shallow waters, featuring a small rocky island at one end which allows you to walk across to and then go rock jumping. This is a very partying beach with lots of cafes, pubs and music blaring all across it.

Fig Tree Bay Beach

This one can be found on the East Coast and it gets its name from the lone fig tree that stands here. It’s a quiet beach, great for families with children because of the safe waters. It’s one of the prettiest beaches on the island however it does tend to get rather busy during the summer months seeing as how there are quite a few hotels and apartment blocks behind it.

There are of course other important beaches, and we’ll talk about them in future articles, but till then, keep in mind that you can visit as many beaches as you’d like with the help of our Cyprus car rental services.