Basics about Cypriot people and culture 1

Now of course we can’t talk about every facet of Cypriot culture in one small article, we’re not even going to try that, instead we’ll just settle on mentioning some basics about Cyprus, its people and its culture.

We should starts with Cyprus as a whole, and the fact that the island is actually divided into two. There is Greek Cyprus – which is the largest part of the island – and there’s Turkish Cyprus. It wasn’t always like that, before 1974 the two groups would coexist in mixed villages and cities without any problems whatsoever, unfortunately since those events, they have been living separate from each other.

Considering that this separation is only relatively recent, it means that the two communities still have quite a few things in common in regards to how they conduct their lives, how they use gestures to communicate, and of course their food and drink. Whether they’re to the east or the west of the Green Line they’re still Cypriots after all.

Keeping what we just said in mind, the official languages of Cyprus are Greek, Turkish and English, so visitors shouldn’t have problems communicating in English. The island of Cyprus was in fact a British colony from 1879 till 1960, and you can still find some British military bases on the island. So getting by on English is doable, however the people will appreciate trying to say a few words in Greek and they might even refer to you as a xeno – a foreigner or traveler – as opposed to a tourista.

More on language, it should be noted for the Greek-speakers out there, that Cypriot Greek is a very strong dialect, with something akin to 15% of words being unique to the island, so even people from Greece will find it difficult to understand a discussion between Greek Cypriots.
Now we could talk more about this subject alone however, we’re just keeping it to the basics, keep in mind that with the help of Cyprus car hire services you’ll get to see as much of the island as you want.