Basics about Cypriot culture and people 4

In our ongoing series about Cypriot culture and people, today we’ll be taking a quick look at the role of women in Cypriot society.

When it comes to the role of Cypriot women, the country is an interesting case study of a country that is still a male-dominated society, and how gradual changes for women’s rights have been ongoing since the events of 1974.

E better representation of women in the economic activity of the island has been achieved through updating of family and labour laws, as well as by increasing the public’s awareness of women’s issues and the overall promotion of gender equality.

All of those things have helped tremendously with increasing women’s share in the total labour force, rising from thirty percent in 1976, to forty-four percent in the present. Some other numbers are that 62.1% of all women aged between fifteen and sixty-four are integrated in the labour force and that thirty-one percent of Cypriot women over twenty have completed tertiary level education, higher than the 29% of Cypriot men over the same age.

However there is still a lot to be done when it comes to equality in the workforce – as is the case with other European countries as well, it’s not relegated only to Cyprus by any stretch of the imaginary. Not even fifteen percent of high posts are held by women and the gap in pay for Cypriot women is twenty-four percent, much larger than the average 17.4% gap across the EU.

When it comes to the role of the woman in the household, Cyprus is a very patriarchal society. This might be due to the political conflict that is still ongoing on the island, and the institutions – which are mainly represented by men have been focused on this issue since ’74, thus marginalizing other important issues such as gender equality and women’s rights.

It used to be that the general expectation of a woman’s primary role is to get married and have children, however nowadays Greek-Cypriot women are split between this traditional role and a more active role in the economic area.

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