A few major Cyprus attractions

When it comes to Cyprus attractions, rest assured that you can find something for everyone, but there are several main attractions that tend to attract tourists year after year, and today we’ll be talking about a couple of those.

Buyuk Han, Nicosia

Buyuk Han means “the Great Inn” and is actually the oldest public building dating from the Ottoman period, located in Cyprus’s capital city of Nicosia.

The Han’s design is very deeply steeped into the era that it was built in, having initially been built to offer accommodation for rich travelers from Anatolia with really high windows so as to protect merchant from burglars. Later on in its history the building was used as a prison as well as the headquarters of British troops on the island, because the place does resemble a fortress rather well. Both the Inn itself as well as the square surrounding it are populated with a variety of shops and cafes, and especially during summer mornings, it’s abuzz with the sounds of many people.


Ayia Napa

This small town – whose name means ‘sacred valley’ – located in the southeast of Cyprus has garnered a very well-deserved reputation thanks to featuring some of the most beautiful beaches that the Mediterranean has to offer.  All the Ayia Napa beaches feature white sand and crystal-clear waters, with probably the most popular one being Nissi, which is located in a small and picturesque bay. The waters are so clear because there are coral reefs located near Ayia Napa, which makes the underwater life quite astounding.


The Paphos Castle

Renowned for being the capital of Alexander III of Macedon as well as the birthplace of Aphrodite, Paphos features a rather impressive monument on the outskirts of its harbor. What initially was an impressive military fort built by the Byzantine Emprire, as part of a coastal defense of Cyprus, still stands pretty tall, being connected to the port by a magnificent arched bridge. Both the building and its surroundings are worth a visit indeed.


Obviously there are more and we’ll talk about them in the future, but whether you’re planning on only seeing one such place, or more of them, keep in mind that it will be much easier with some Larnaca car hire services.