A few less known Cyprus travel destinations

Cyprus is a relatively large place, lots to be seen and lots to be done, so there are a lot of Cyprus travel destinations to choose from. However, just like any other place on the face of the planet, there are some places that are better known than others and such, so today we’ll take a very quick look at some of the lesser talked about places in Cyprus that you should consider while on your trip there, and we will talk in detail about them and others in future articles.


Guzelyurt or Morphou, is located in the northwest part of Cyprus and surrounded by wonderful citrus groves.

The settlement of Morphou was actually founded by the war-worshiping Spartans, who also brought with them here the worship of Aphrodite. Then during the Middle Ages it was referred to as Morphou but also Theomorphou.

The overall Guzelyurt region is a very fertile one, so fertile in fact that it actually grows more than half the citrus fruits of Cyprus. The place is a great destination for those looking to escape the noise and rush of city life, or in the case of a visitor, for a day trip or a couple of days, you can easily reach pretty much any area of the island with the help of some Cyprus car rental services.



Lefke is a very picturesque town, also located in the nort-whestern area of Cyprus, overlooking the bay right from under the Troodos Mountain range. This is a small but very friendly town, possibly why it isn’t as well-known as other more tourist-centric locations, it has only about seven thousands inhabitants, but it does feature some very important historical sites. This makes the place especially attractive to those ancient history enthusiasts of buffs who are looking to get as much from the Cyprus trip as possible.



Now you might’ve possibly heard of this one by the virtue that the region is the home for some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The golden sandy beaches here stretch for kilometers and for a lot of those kilometers they are literally deserted, untouched by modern development, which makes them a certain attraction to at least a major number of visitors.