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Things to do in Cyprus 1

One activity that many find to be increasingly enjoyable is heading for the hills of Cyprus, agritourism Continue reading

Russians are interested in Cypriot real estate

Holiday property buying in Cyprus is pretty big business, and that was usually the case with Western individuals, especially Brits, however it appears that the island is gaining popularity amongst many Russian buyers who are looking for some holiday destinations… Continue reading

Basics about Cypriot people and culture 2

In today’s article on basics of Cypriot people and culture, we’ll be talking about religion. While this is usually not the most interesting of subjects it is extremely important in Cyprus, due to the very clear delimitation between the two… Continue reading

Cyprus anual events – Anthestiria

Considering the rich cultural heritage of Cyprus, we should take the time to talk a bit about the various festiva Continue reading

A very quick history lesson on Cyprus

When talking about Cyprus, as it is with most other European countries, there’s a lot of history to take into account when it comes down to society and culture. And very few other regions or areas of the European Union… Continue reading

Basics about Cypriot people and culture 1

Now of course we can’t talk about every facet of Cypriot culture in one small article, we’re not even going to try that, instead we’ll just settle on mentioning some basics about Cyprus, its people and its culture.

We should… Continue reading